September 19, 2020 was our second Dressage Test & Tutor Show/Clinic of this year. The day was simply fantastic. We had a great turnout of students, both adults and children, in the show. Everyone learned so much from Trisha Hammer and the entire event was a huge success! Riding With Rhythm wishes to thank everyone who participated in the event and all the friends and families who came to the event to show their support.

We asked for feedback and here is some of what we received:

  • Saturday was so awesome. Between the weather, the horses did great, judge was so nice and good tips, and all of your hard work, it was the best.
  • As an observer/auditor for the show at Riding With Rhythm, I enjoyed watching the students participate, learn, and overcome their fears and anxiety. It was a great format in an inviting and relaxing learning environment. The owner and host, Shirley Dubay, was very encouraging and met the needs of all in attendance. The judge, Trish Hammer, gave upbeat feedback to riders while also being firm and corrective. Her comments inspired the students to self evaluate, correct mistakes, and make their next test better. It was wonderful to see the improvement in both themselves and their horses. A great venue in which to learn! Well done to all and thank you Shirley for a fantastic day!

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