2 Thoughts on “Dressage Show / Clinic July 25, 2020!”

  • “What a wonderful day we had! We learned a lot from both Shirley and, our dressage judge, Deb.

    We were given the opportunity to ride each test – receive constructive criticism and hints on how to ride the test better. Then we were given the chance to ride the test again to see if we could improve our score!

    As a first time participant in a dressage event, this was a wonderful format. It was incredibly informative and encouraging. It also provided us with the gift of socially-distanced community with other horse lovers.”

  • I wholeheartedly agree with Terri! This was my first show experience and I learned so much not only about riding but also about the judging process that occurs during a dressage show. The day started with an incredible introduction to riding in a show which reinforced all the important skills that Shirley has been teaching. Each rider then got to put these skills to the test in a supportive environment with an emphasis on learning and improvement. I felt that we all walked away winners, due to the knowledge, insights and coaching bestowed by our expert judge Deb and our energetic trainer Shirley.

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