We recently asked some of the riders at the September 22, 2018 Cleon Clinic to give us a review.  We asked them to tell us what they thought of the Riding With Rhythm facility, what they thought of our clinician Cleon Wingard, and three things they got from their ride.  Here’s what they had to say.

Riding With Rhythm is a lovely quaint horse farm in the rolling Kentucky farmland.  It makes for a great place to spend a few hours or an entire day!  Shirley, the owner, is super accommodating and an inspiring horsewoman.  She provided us with beverages, snacks and lots of enthusiasm!

The Cleon Clinic was delightful and insightful.  Cleon is observant, patient, and encouraging to all levels of riders.  I learned the simplest — yet most important — techniques that are often overlooked with new riders: Contact, hand placement, and leg placement.

I spent the entire afternoon with other riding enthusiasts and can’t wait to get back to Riding With Rhythm for the next clinic!


Thanks again for a great day!!

The Riding With Rhythm facilities are great — the arena is very spacious and love the open sides.  The observation room was much appreciated with the rain, and it was great that we could still hear the clinician.  Switching riders and horses went very smoothly, so there were no large gaps between riders.  I am very grateful I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Cleon Wingard. He is such a very calm and patient man.  The knowledge he has about horses and riding techniques — it was fascinating listening to him as he instructed me and the other riders.

Being fairly new to riding horses, I realized, thanks to Mr. Wingard, there is a difference between riding … and riding with an understanding of yourself, in relation to the horse.  He explained in detail about the pressure of your legs against the horse, the position of your body, and having a calm, but maybe more importantly, a confident presence.   I had never thought of riding horses that way.  It was such an “aha!” moment for me!  Thank you Shirley and Mr. Wingard!


Riding With Rhythm facilities are great, I loved the observation room.  Great when it’s cold outside.  Plenty of room inside and out to watch the riders.  Cleon Wingard is a great teacher, very patient, positive, upbeat, inspiring you to be a better rider.  I now feel more confident about my trot, sitting and posting.  Thanks Shirley and Cleon for a great experience.  I can’t wait for the October [clinic] to get here.